California Business Litigation

California Business Litigation

All business dealings come with risks. Rodriguez Lopez, APC has helped companies and individuals resolve a wide area of business disputes. The California Business Litigation attorney at Rodriguez Lopez, APC provides the best possible result to clients all throughout California, including Los Angeles, Glendale, Burbank, Santa Clarita, Valencia, San Diego, Fresno, Merced, and San Francisco.

The Rodriguez Lopez, APC business litigation attorney handles:

Rodriguez Lopez, APC has a history of successfully representing small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and municipalities, non-profits, utilities companies, and even individuals in the above-mentioned cases.


It may be possible to avoid litigation by drafting an agreement between parties. It is generally the most effective and cheapest way to avoid litigation. When litigation is unavoidable, our California business attorneys provide our clients with a detailed litigation plan to ensure the best possible representation. Contact a California business attorney at Rodriguez Lopez, APC to see how we can help you. Rodriguez Lopez, APC provides California business litigation services in Spanish.


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