Louisville Kentucky Business Attorney

Managing Attorney Rafael Rodriguez Lopez attended the University of Kentucky to obtain his Bachelor’s Degree and the University of Kentucky College of Law to obtain his Law degree. Suffice to say, the University of Kentucky and University of Louisville basketball rivalry was always on his mind. However, after graduating from the University of Kentucky College of Law, Managing Attorney Rafael Rodriguez Lopez understood that to become a great attorney, you have to become a great public servant. Rodriguez Lopez, APC was founded on the principle that all Kentuckians deserve better legal representation, no matter where they are from.

Managing Attorney Rafael Rodriguez knows how important Louisville is as the largest city in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. As the home of boxer Muhammad Ali, the Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Fried Chicken (corporate offices only – we see you Corbin, Kentucky), the University of Louisville Cardinals, and three of Kentucky’s six Fortune 500 companies, Humana, Kindred Healthcare, and Yum! Brands (which operates KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and The Habit Burger Grill), the chances are you’re going to interact with one of these businesses.

Louisville Business attorney Rafael Rodriguez helps businesses and clients that range from large companies to small and midsized family owned businesses. Rodriguez Lopez, APC, works with its business clients based on their needs and strives to provide the results they expect.

Louisville Attorney Rafael Rodriguez Lopez understands that businesses are constantly undergoing change in their cash flow and standard operations, which might produce setbacks. To avoid these setbacks, a business might be able to renegotiate deals, revise contracts, or restructure agreements. Let a Louisville Kentucky attorney at Rodriguez Lopez, APC help you or your business.

If you need legal guidance or help with your business’ legal issues, contact Managing Attorney Rafael Rodriguez Lopez or schedule an appointment online.

Louisville Business Legal Services

Rodriguez Lopez, APC, represents both small and large businesses. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an established corporation, we can provide you with professional and cost-efficient legal services.

There are several reasons to consult with a Louisville business attorney. Forward legal planning can save you or your business’ time, money, and resources. Retaining a Louisville business attorney may be able to help your business economically stable and legally protected from unwarranted lawsuits.

Rodriguez Lopez, APC is dedicated to helping businesses and individuals determine the best way to resolve dispute. Sometimes, that means avoiding litigation entirely. Lawyer Rafael Rodriguez Lopez can help you pursue solutions by offering mediation services and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) if appropriate. More often than not, mediation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) are quicker methods to obtain a result than a traditional lawsuit. If litigation becomes necessary, though, your Louisville Lawyer at Rodriguez Lopez, APC, will provide you with experience that can advocate your case all the way through trial and the appellate courts.

Contact a skilled Spanish speaking Louisville attorney by scheduling an appointment with Rodriguez Lopez, APC.

Louisville Kentucky Business Attorney

Managing Attorney Rafael Rodriguez Lopez is ready to help your business succeed. At Rodriguez Lopez, APC, a Louisville, Kentucky law firm, we evaluate the legal rights and risks that come with transacting business. Rodriguez Lopez, APC also performs complex legal research and due diligence, evaluates current and new projects for potential legal issues.

Let a Louisville Law Firm help you draft, modify, and review your legal documents and negotiate on your behalf to ensure that the deals your business makes are favorable to you.

Schedule an appointment online to see how our Louisville, Kentucky business attorney can fight hard for your business’ rights.

Louisville Kentucky Business and Corporate Lawyer

Louisville Law Firm Rodriguez Lopez, APC, can help you or your business with the following:

  • Business Formation
  • Business to business contracts;
  • Employment contracts;
  • Independent contractor Agreements;
  • Real Estate contracts;
  • Buying and selling products or services agreements;
  • Purchase and sale agreements;
  • Dissolution agreements;
  • Vendor agreements;
  • Employment contracts;
  • Service contracts;
  • Personal property contracts;
  • Releases and waivers;
  • Non-disclosure agreements;
  • Business torts
  • Ownership disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Lease agreements

In addition, we can draft, review, and modify contracts, process and procedure policies, and other legal documents as required. Our Louisville attorney can help your business with all of the laws, rules, practices, and regulations which govern the formation and operations of corporations.

If you require the need for a Spanish speaking Louisville attorney to help your business then schedule an appointment today.

Louisville Kentucky Attorney

As a Louisville business law firm, Rodriguez Lopez, APC, can advise and consult on employment and personnel issues; consult and advise regarding the rights and responsibilities of Directors and Officers of a company; as well as facilitate, negotiate, draft, and review contracts, licenses, and joint ventures. The Louisville business lawyer is well-equipped to help your business with several different areas of law, ranging from employment to contract law, and commercial transactions.

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Louisville Breach of Contract Lawyer

A contract is binding and will be enforced by a court so long as it is not contrary to public policy. A breach of contract is a violation of any of the agreed-upon terms and conditions of a binding contract. Breaches can occur in various situations, such as the failure to deliver a good or the failure to make a timely payment.

Louisville attorney Rafael Rodriguez Lopez may be able to help you enforce the terms of your contract or, if there was a breach, recover damages.

Prior to engaging in litigation, it might be helpful to attempt to resolve the breach of contract issue amongst themselves. Generally, it is the cheapest method of resolving contract disputes.

Louisville law firm Rodriguez Lopez, APC can help you in all phases of contract negotiation, contract drafting, and, if comes to it, contract litigation.

Louisville law firm Rodriguez Lopez, APC can help with:

  • Negotiating Contracts – Louisville Contracts Attorney Rafael Rodriguez can help you or your  business negotiate contracts with a clear vision of your objectives and priorities. Let Louisville Attorney Rafael Rodriguez help you turn contract negotiations from an operational weakness into a competitive advantage.
  • Drafting Contracts- Louisville Contracts Attorney Rafael Rodriguez drafts contracts that begin with simple and clear terms that everyone will understand. With an eye towards collaboration with the other party, Louisville Attorney Rafael Rodriguez will enter into contract negotiations with a keen understanding of your priorities and analyze the risks of executing the deal.
  • Contract litigation – Unfortunately there are times when a contract lawsuit is unavoidable. This will occur when a party to a contract fails to uphold their obligation according to the provisions of the agreement. Louisville law firm Rodriguez Lopez, APC, can help you understand the remedies that are available to you and, if you are being sued, what actions can be taken to lessen the damages.

Schedule an online appointment with Louisville law firm Rodriguez Lopez, APC today to see how we can help you with your contracting needs.

Louisville Kentucky Business Law Firm

If you need help with breach of contract disputes, shareholder disputes, business torts such as unfair competition or misappropriation of trade secret or have general regulatory compliance questions, contact Louisville attorney Rafael Rodriguez Lopez. Louisville attorney Rafael Rodriguez will ensure that your business can operate effectively by providing zealous advocacy.

If you have any questions, schedule an appointment with Louisville Law Firm Rodriguez Lopez, APC.

Hiring a Louisville Business Law Firm

Rodriguez Lopez, APC has a deep understanding of business law and strong advocacy skills. Louisville attorney Rafael Rodriguez Lopez evaluates the merits of each case and devises an appropriate strategy that aligns with a business’ legal and financial interests. Louisville law firm Rodriguez Lopez, APC recognizes that once a case is filed, everyone should be prepared for trial. However, it might be possible to avoid that scenario altogether. Louisville law firm Rodriguez Lopez, APC, recognizes that the primary goal of all businesses once a lawsuit is filed is to achieve the best possible outcome in a cost-effective manner.

Why should I hire a Louisville Kentucky business attorney?

If you are forming a business, managing a business, transferring a business, or having trouble with your business, a Louisville attorney can step in to help you with:

  • Drafting and reviewing documents
  • Compliance
  • Leasing and licensing properties
  • Managing employees

From the offset, Louisville Law firm Rodriguez Lopez, APC, will ask you about the history of your business and your goals for the future of your business. At that point, the Louisville attorney will be able to provide you with guidance about any legal risks that you might face or what opportunities are up for grabs. You can rest assured that Rodriguez Lopez, APC will make every decision based on obtaining the best possible result for your business.

Schedule an appointment if you want Louisville law firm Rodriguez Lopez, APC, to begin taking care of your legal matters and provide you with regular updates with progress.

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